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Midget and Sprite General
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Thread: Good Lord!! (smc)
Posted 18 June 2017 at 17:30:49 UK time
Clare Ravenwood, Ontario, Canada

Went to a classic car show yesterday and took the Midget, hence the some Midget content, as I wanted to be different. I was, as Corvettes were plentiful, but British made vehicles were, as I had expected, conspicuously absent.

There was myself, a chrome bumper Spitfire who parked as far away from me as was possible (?), a mini that arrived very late in the show and believe it or not, an MGB with a 5.7 litre (350 CID) Chevrolet engine with an automatic transmission stuffed under the bonnet!!!!!

The bonnet had rows and rows of louvres stamped into the bonnet to allow heat out. It had so many, it looked like a cheese grater only so much bigger!!

It sounded terrible as I think he used as much of the stock exhaust as possible and it looked nose heavy so the springs were over worked. The exhaust pipes only just cleared places on the field. The rear axle looked stock as well. Not good, too much power.

I didn't get to see the engine installation job personally but the fellow next to me it was "God awful".

It was for sale apparently but the fellow next to me said the owner would have a tough time selling it. Guys who like North American engines don't like British cars and guys who like British cars generally don't like North American engines.

I would not have taken it except for free and then only as a parts car! The body work and paint needed some work to make it look really nice if you could get past the huge heavy Detroit iron engine stuffed in it.

If he had gone for the Range Rover engine conversion maybe it would not have been so bad but what a waste of effort on a job that was not even done very well.

Oh, as far as I know, no one expressed any interest in the car. Shock.

I didn't win anything, another surprise, but I had a lot of fun. Oh, can you imagine driving a car called the Dictator? Saw a 1933 Studebaker called that. No wonder not many are left.


Posted 18 June 2017 at 18:48:41 UK time
Martin , Washington, USA

I also went to a car show yesterday. About 120 cars. Entered the Frogeye. Only British car there. Everything else was American iron with a few Japanese cars, a couple of VWs, one Porsche and a Volvo 1800S. There were a few interesting cars but how many 56 Chevys or Camaros can you look at and still be underwhelmed?

The name of the game is "How big an engine can you cram into a car?". One guy had a 67 VW fastback with a 327 c.i. Chevy with a supercharger in what used to be the trunk. Why? Because he can. But I wouldn't want to try to drive it.

I got a number of positive comments on the Frog. A number of people said that they had owned one at one time. All had good memories of them.

The Volvo won first place for best foreign car while I got second place for "Best Under Construction" after a Ford Edsel. I have no idea how they put me in that category but it's probably because it didn't have a $10,000.00 paint job.

Oh, and I'm never showing at that show again. I'll stick to our annual All British Field Meet in July.

Posted 18 June 2017 at 19:15:22 UK time
Clare Ravenwood, Ontario, Canada

I only went because it was close but like you, generally any car shows are a waste of time for us because 98% or better is Detroit iron.

A number of people thought it was an MGB(of course)and some had not heard of MG. The very best was a fellow who told his girl friend it was a French car and MG stood for Moteurs Generale which must be the French equivalent of General Motors. The British flags aren't a clue? Oh well.....

British Car Day here is great. Biggest one day British car show in North America apparently. Last year some 12 or 1300 cars but only 12 Midgets of all years.

Just had the local resident Lancaster bomber fly over the house. Super cool sight and sound.


Posted 18 June 2017 at 20:19:16 UK time
Martin , Washington, USA

I once had someone ask me what year my Italian car was.

Another time I was going into our local library and there were a couple of 'church of something or other' ladies trying to change peoples minds and one of them asked me if it was a Karmann Ghia. In cases like that I always act like I'm deeply insulted but with smile and then I tell them what it is. A couple of weeks later I was walking out of the same library and the same lady, with a big grin, said "Enjoy your Karmann Ghia". With a corresponding grin, I said "I will".

Yesterday a guy told his wife that the car was built the the Austin Healey company. I gently corrected him.

I also get a lot of "what is it?" and "Is that an MG?". It seems that many 'Mericans know only one sports car name.

Posted 18 June 2017 at 21:03:31 UK time
1 Paper, Missouri, USA

If its not a british show .. then
Im the only one from the brits .... and i mean all brands of brit cars... i find in the midwest at least in my area you have to becareful going back a few years ago, at car shows things get ugly fast at some shows, that midget draws alot of attention at 1st oh look at the cute piece of girly sh*t from the 3 big american musle boys then the rice burners notice and then someone yells the F**k word injest... its time to leave at that point... most of the time its cool, but you start upstaging some of these guys that know they rule the loccal scene... they dont like that and tend to get a little touchy

But the midget just grabs attention sleeping inthe shade

That old cobra AC fallacy still exist even today get rhe lightest british car you can find and put the bigget v8 muscle engine in it you can dig up in the barn and frankinstine the 2 togather

That said you get the right engine for a MGA OR MGB and it is a total wet dream in true 4k HD color...im certianly a fan

But its got to be maditary aluminum engine or your screwed before you ever remove the bonnet...like you said you go with iron and it destorys everything and your always playing catch up from suspension to brakes

There is a shop in st louis mo. That does alot of these conversions putting V8 high performance aluminum engines into MGB MGA and its a work of art they look factory ...

as a teen kid ive seen an aluminum buick V6 in a mgb crome bumper with a supercharger my science teacher built ... and it was made for it and i was bitten from then on BUT he worked that car over to get the right weight ratio balance so it would be able to preform and not just look pretty sitting still

I want to say the engine of choice is a pontiac 289 .. a small aluminum V8 that really fits both cars nicely...ive not seen a MGC with a V8 but its the same as the MGB

Another engine ive seen around and no knowledge of is ...(olffunhouser ???) Not sure what that is but its aluminum V8

Posted 18 June 2017 at 21:08:30 UK time
1 Paper, Missouri, USA

Who else loves being corrected by the under 30 crowd...haha

What is it?

Its a 1971 Mg midget 1275 !

Oh you mean GM !

Eeehhhh yeah sure why not...haha


Posted 18 June 2017 at 21:36:39 UK time
Clare Ravenwood, Ontario, Canada

Most of the time I don't bother correcting people. They know everything so do not need me to tell them.

I make it a point of not correcting guys in front of their g/friends. Hate showing a guy up that he doesn't know everything.

If someone asks, I'll tell them but otherwise...have a nice day.


Posted 18 June 2017 at 23:19:20 UK time
Greybeard , United Kingdom

My favourite was when driving very slowly past a local primary school at kicking out time. Little boy piped up "Ooh - is that Noddy's car?"

Bless 'im!

Posted 18 June 2017 at 23:23:24 UK time
1 Paper, Missouri, USA

On the MG to GM comment i mentioned ... i almost never correct them ither i just let it go like its a typo

You never no whos packing what these days, just know thst the bar for getting shot over is really low and getting lower

I saw a youtube video last night of a woman pulling a .45 cuz the hair stylist was taking to long to cut her 10 year old kids hair

People are hinged and desprate dont talk about anything with a strsnger your not willing to die for is my approch to the modern day world. You just never know.


Posted 18 June 2017 at 23:34:47 UK time
Clare Ravenwood, Ontario, Canada

Oh yes, Noddy!! Bet Prop doesn't know about him. (lol)

Prop, up here in Canada, the only people with firearms are police, armoured car people and criminals. The general public isn't "packing" and too many people have access to concealed weapons in the US in my opinion, but hey, don't shoot me for it. (lol)


Posted 19 June 2017 at 00:39:00 UK time
1 Paper, Missouri, USA

I hate to sound like a libtard, but i fall in the minority of the long dead common scence party

I support the 2nd admendment and people that can legwlly own guns should have the tight to own them and socity is better off for it

On the other hand there alot of crap laws out there that are stupid and insane and to try to get rid of them makes you a flaming librial retard

As an example. Green teflone coated rounds can now be sold at any walmart is in sane... these are known as cop killers cuz they slice thur armor plating like molten steel thur warm butter... there made to go through tanks on the batle field... it goes into human fleash the size of a dime comes out the other side of thr human body the size of full size beach ball... but whqt the hell its a 2nd admendment right to buy this kind of ammo ... what can you possiable shoot with this stuff... worthless as target practice ammo and nothing left to eat if you use it for game hunting...as long as your 18 no id needee to purchase the stuff... but hey load that into your guns the next time you go to a movie theater and rwally watch the carnage unfold as you start screamimg like rambo and firing away at anything that movies... but hey that gun and ammo didnt kill anyone, it was the killer shooting the gun and thwt ammo that was the real culpret his a bad guy not the gun and the ammo

I havent chqnged but the ground benieth me has become a roller coaster of late and some how im now the crasy retard in the room

Posted 19 June 2017 at 00:58:21 UK time
1 Paper, Missouri, USA

Sorry for the rant clair...im just hinged from all the crap going on in the streets esp conserning the congreeman getting shot up last week

Its non stop and avoidable everyone is at each others throats over the littlist stupid crap... its like a fever or sickiness of some type.

You cant go more then 20 MIN. Without over hearing someone say the N word or the word F**k just standing in a check out line at any store regardless of whos around

My town thate shrunk down to around 35,000 is on pace for around 60 murders this year there no projecting a little more then 1 aweek... mostly all guns of course

I cring at rhe insanity of it all... there is no way to turn it off

Its no wonder that cheep herion is more common then cold beer as the perfered drug of escape

Posted 19 June 2017 at 01:25:18 UK time
David Billington, Wiltshire, United Kingdom


A guy I know here in the UK has a relative that used to work on the Canadian border control and he mentioned how incensed Americans got when their guns were confiscated at the border, IIRC they could collect them when they went back to the US. The guy I know mentioned that guns were allowed in some circumstances for instance if you were in a region where wild animals like bears might be an issue and a firearm was a defense but I'll defer to your better knowledge as you live there. Having lived in the US and shot many guns it is a bit of a buzz but I see no real need for them especially as I have been back in the UK for 35 years and gun crime here is a fraction of that in the US. Dunblane was unfortunate and I think the reaction regarding guns was over the top but it doesn't effect me as I don't have guns and I have no interest in doing so but I know a few people who shot and the gun laws here are mentioned as weird as regarding guns looked upon as obsolete but still lethal, largely black powder guns like early Colts IIRC like used by Clint Eastwood, I have been told that originals are OK but modern replicas are banned.

Posted 19 June 2017 at 08:10:50 UK time
Clare Ravenwood, Ontario, Canada

Hand guns have been restricted in Canada since around 1935 I believe and you have to have a good reason for applying to buy one. Personal defence is not one. Getting permission to carry is almost impossible. If you do get the ok such as a target shooter, you can't put it your car and drive all over either. Specific routes only.

Long guns like rifles and shotguns now require a permit and one has to take a training course and be checked out by police. I just can't write the test either and up to recently they had to be registered too. If you didn't that made you a criminal. Storage is strict too. The closet is not secure any more.

There are loop holes in the law as well. I cannot buy a box of fixed ammunition without a permit. I can however buy the casings, powder, bullets and other parts to make my own.

I cannot buy a modern shot gun etc without a permit but I can buy a reproduction black powder rifle with no permits. Put in powder, a wad, pour in the shot, add a wad and viola, a black powder shot gun either percussion or flint lock fired. Obsolete by today's standards but still effective as history has proven.

The way I see it, a firearm is just a tool like a hammer. It is what you do with it that makes all the difference.


Posted 19 June 2017 at 08:58:51 UK time
GuyW, UK

Its just a no-brainer practicality. It is easier to control guns than it is to control people who might use them. Same logic as the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons. You could argue that a nuclear bomb is just a tool, like a hammer, so let everyone have them. What could possibly go wrong?

Posted 19 June 2017 at 15:19:03 UK time
graeme jackson, Lanarkshire, UK

just bringing the thread back on topic. Little MG with a slightly inappropriate motor...


Posted 19 June 2017 at 15:53:40 UK time
Clare Ravenwood, Ontario, Canada

Now that thing looks better than that MGB! I wonder what the power to weight ratio is?

Wouldn't be surprised the torque turned it over on full acceleration!


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