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Thread: GoFundMe Rant (NMC)
Posted 20 March 2017 at 22:44:06 UK time
Clare Ravenwood, Ontario, Canada

Lately I have seen a lot of this thing pop up. Someone dies suddenly, a GoFundMe thing is set up and a ton of cash gets raised. Someone loses their job, GoFundMe. A kid gets sick, GoFundMe and the list goes on and on.

Have we become such a society where something happens we are now compelled to toss a dollar or two in someone's direction to bail them out of a tight situation?

I know life is hard and terrible things do happen to people but having a GoFundMe thing is akin to begging on a street corner as far as I am concerned only it's done online. Look what happened to me/us. Give us some money to help us not have to pay for it so we can keep what money we do have.

Sometimes the amount raised is a lot and maybe I should do it. Transmission went on my truck recently, nearly $4500.00 to get me on the road again. Anyone feel like subsidising my repair? Didn't think so, but really, what is to stop me putting a sob story out there and counting the cash? What if I raise more than I spent? Is it ethical to keep any extra or do I have to give it back?

Ok, end of my rant and if anyone so feels inclined to send me some money, donations to a charity of your choosing is ok with me as I am not a charity case.


Posted 20 March 2017 at 23:59:00 UK time
davidsmith, Wokingham UK

Agree wholeheartedly !

Posted 21 March 2017 at 00:39:09 UK time
hreadlist, tables

Yes... it is as you say begging for help and for the most part the vast magority of people are in need...is there a few cons, sure but they get found out sooon enough.. as there names keep popping up for some hard luck story over and over

For those that are in need its a last ditch effort ... just a few facts in 2013 47 % of the usa population (labor dept stistics) make only minimum wage...that is a scary #

$15 per hour is the upper 2/3 rds and $250,000 per year is 3% and a million plus is 1%

This stat is the worst i dont know its source but a vast magority of usa citizens would face finacial ruin if a sudden none planed $400 emergwncy happened to them ...aka a sudden death of a family member that lacked burial insurance

When my father passed suddenly he had no burial insurance he was to young he thought and it cost about $12xxx in all and thats bbqed...luckly betweeny siblings we where able to cover it

Butbishutter to think what those that cant.

Its easy to blame them for there misfortane but looking at policeys esp trump this adminastration has it in for the weak for the middle class

Trump wants to cut meals on wheels to give a tax cut to those making inbexcess of $250,000 a year... talk about sticking it to the elderly ... and they want to gut out social security and abolish it

But we will spend just shy of $ 600 billion dollars buying new bullets for a war they say we are not going to be fighting this coming summer

So.. i think your seeing the over welming need of people on go fund me, not the wcrewing ober of go fund me by those in need

Posted 21 March 2017 at 14:34:29 UK time
Clare Ravenwood, Ontario, Canada

I don't know if there is a proper site foe GoFundMe but I see it in my news feed.

Someone's kid is shot during a bad drug deal. A GoFundMe has been set up to pay for funeral expenses. In my book, that is self inflicted, why should I feel compelled to pay?

My wife died. Cost about $7000 for the service. All I got was $2500.00 from the government death benefit because she had worked which went out right away to help pay for the funeral. To rub salt in the wound, it was classed as "income" and I had to pay taxes on it!

No one offered to give me anything toward the costs.

I don't know. Just seems like for every hard luck case I see, someone wants others to bail them out.

Maybe I'm just becoming a cynical, jaded person as I get to be an older dinosaur?


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