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Thread: rides out at the NEC Restoration Show
Posted 20 March 2017 at 20:51:15 UK time
N Atkins, United Kingdom

All being well I'll be at the NEC Practical Classics Restoration Show (31st-2nd) all three days with the Midget offering rides out in it.

Anyone interested in rides in a Midget - or lots of other cars - or to see the Midget, or even me (perhaps to say hello) just pop over.

This year as I was so late confirming that the Midget might be outside for the early morning (or even perhaps taking a passenger for a 10-mile ride outside the NEC complex on Her Majesty's highways).

We're in Hall 8 hopefully making a bit of noise and movement with cars going in and out of the hall on the rides.

The charities that the Sporting Bears Motor Club will be supporting with the Sporting Bears Dream Rides at this event will be -

. Birmingham Children's Hospital Star Appeal - http://www.bch.org.uk/?q=newcentre

. Zoe's Place Baby Hospice Coventry - http://www.zoes-place.org.uk/coventry/default.aspx

. Acorn's Children's Hospice Birmingham - http://www.acorns.org.uk/

For those that don't know what the Sporting Bears Dream Rides are - http://sportingbears.co.uk/index.php/view/cat/17/dream-rides-info


Posted 20 March 2017 at 22:46:03 UK time
Clare Ravenwood, Ontario, Canada

Hope you get lots of takers, Nigel and maybe convince people Midgets are a load of fun to drive!

Some worthy causes there as well.


Posted 21 March 2017 at 11:49:26 UK time
N Atkins, United Kingdom

Thanks Clare, I hope I can repeat last November's (bigger) NEC show, this post about that show's rides that I gave gives some hope for Spridgets and the future with youngsters -

"I took out 8 or 9 rides in the Midget over the three days, a record for me in the Midget possibly because it was the only there.

Great news as the passengers I took out were very keen on classics and MGs or Spridgets particularly, especially the youngsters. One 18 year old lad owned a Moggie Minor and was really impressed with the Midget particularly as his dad had one laid up in the garage - for 18 years. :) So hopefully another Midget might be encouraged back on the road or perhaps a potential future Spridget owner.

I also took out a chap who was thinking about buying a Spridget and a chap that had his 1500 laid up for the last 12 months for domestic reasons and a young lady whose granddad had a laid up B. So it looks like it might need some of our generation to pass on those classics rusting away in garages to a much more enthusiastic younger generation ;)."

Posted 21 March 2017 at 14:22:13 UK time
Clare Ravenwood, Ontario, Canada

Always hope for the future with younger people. Midgets are under valued and under appreciated as classics here compared to other vehicles but one day they will take off I hope.

We had a gymkhana here on one of the MG events and as usual, I had the only Midget.

I wasn't the fastest through the course going forward as I had no desire to thrash my car like some of the B owners did. I bend it, I have to fix it is always in my mind. Rather drive it away a hundred times than be on the trailer of shame once.

One had to do the course forwards, stop, then do it in reverse. Beat the fastest B by a whopping 7 seconds to do the course time in reverse. Not even a mention!!

Mind you, it was all in the gear ratio I suppose as I certainly didn't race the car.

Have a good day, Nigel.


Posted 21 March 2017 at 15:20:33 UK time
Alan Anstead, Kent, United Kingdom

Once people have had a ride and stepped away impressed push them toward the Midget And Sprite Club Stand.
Reduced membership for youngsters, a display of cars one undergoing a Ford engine conversion. Over the weekend a Frogeye will be converted to disc brakes. On Saturday and Sunday engine Guru A.C.Dodd will give tutorials on timing cams. There will be a counter display of Lawrence Slater type and other types of replacements for A-Series carbon releases. Should be a busy show.

Posted 21 March 2017 at 20:16:24 UK time
N Atkins, United Kingdom

surprisingly I'm very soft sell about things when I'm on the rides but if you have any promo type cards/leaflets I'll happily hand them out. I don't get many rides but if there are any other Spridgets doing the rides I can also ask them if they'd mind to hand out the cards too.

Do bear in mind last show was a record for me with the Midget at 8/9 rides over the three days.

I can of course mention the MASC stand to my passengers anyway, I must admit I've not always previously because it depends on what conversation there is and which way it goes.

I'll be bringing our promotional A4 'poster' over to the stand so it makes sense to cross promote

Posted 22 March 2017 at 12:10:01 UK time
Alan Anstead, Kent, United Kingdom

I am sure that we can find some cards or Mascot magazines for you to hand out. We will have a board for your advertisement. Bring a couple as I believe it to be two sided.

Posted 22 March 2017 at 14:07:40 UK time
N Atkins, United Kingdom

Great stuff Alan, thank you.

We have a different A4 'poster' this year, more in it but obviously done by a keen amateur which is fine but it's not to my liking but I'll bring a couple of copies as it will tie in with, and reinforce perhaps, the few others on other marque stands. I'll also bring a couple of copies of the previous year's and you can decide or put one on the board and other on the floor.

I ask my wife to laminate them to make them more durable but then the lights cause reflections, bit like working on the cars sometimes it's a compromise.

We also had in November postcards but I don't like to overload other stands and wear thin their generosity.


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