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Thread Heading Started by Messages Last Updated Time
TF Warning Lamp PositionsTyler Irwin1027 August 201615:51
Smiths tach gearbox clamp screwLen Fanelli327 August 201615:25
Lower Clutch Rod - revisedGord Clark1027 August 201614:17
rear end lashBEW Brett Wright927 August 201613:15
Brake LiningsRodney G Murray627 August 201606:34
EFIGeoffrey M Baker2727 August 201602:19
Throttle return springSteve Wincze1126 August 201621:42
Windscreen support stanchionsN D Wallace2926 August 201615:36
Lucas Fog/Driving LightsPaul161426 August 201613:04
crankshaft neededLen Fanelli326 August 201610:31
Fitting the gas tankTW Burchfield926 August 201610:30
Rubber componentsJohn Walton1326 August 201606:26
Throttle Return Spring Bracket and BoltsJA Benjamin1226 August 201603:11
eBay 'Survivor' Car?t lange825 August 201622:36
SU JET ADJUSTMENTSteve Wincze1925 August 201621:43
TF dash lamp bracket neededTyler Irwin125 August 201616:46
More TD/c parts requestedW. A. Chasserq2925 August 201616:01
Brake master cylinderRay Lee raybar2(at) tiscalidotcodotuk925 August 201615:27
Tight m/c rebuildBud Krueger 3525 August 201613:48
IT IS ALIVE !M Grogan1525 August 201613:41
Tach reduction gearboxRAH Russ1625 August 201601:11
Radiator FrameBill Reid525 August 201601:08
Used TF body timbersT Norby124 August 201621:00
FlywheelP J Wilgoss224 August 201620:58
Improved rubber partsD Burns7723 August 201619:14
Spare Wheel KnockoffPaul1611023 August 201617:35
Clutch issue with Hygear 5 speedefh Haskell2723 August 201616:59
TF goes for its first ride in 50 years!JK Barter1222 August 201614:22
120 MPH SpeedometerRichard Cameron1421 August 201623:22
Low oil pressure ECS Stanfield1021 August 201621:34
TF Oil Drip PanP G Gilvarry1421 August 201620:48
XPEG dyno resultsLen Fanelli1021 August 201614:32
Preventing Full Tonneau Sag?L Karpman1221 August 201600:59
Brake drumTRH Hammond720 August 201621:00
123 Ignition DistributorDLD1020 August 201617:38
KPH Speedo OverlayB Bridgens1820 August 201605:35
Warped Block FaceJ Targosz1719 August 201618:11
Grill slat paintW. A. Chasser1419 August 201609:22
TF rear leaf springs - again.Dave Hill1119 August 201603:53
Supercharger HP Improvement - TFDavePro619 August 201600:17
Scam EmailP Hehir118 August 201623:53
When Does the Drip Become a ProblemJ Targosz718 August 201617:30
tf1500 rear view mirrorN J MANN118 August 201607:23
Well travelled aeroscreens!Don Walker118 August 201606:29
Installing new full tonneauLM Cook1818 August 201601:24
TF front engine mountG Mills217 August 201617:54
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All times are local UK. Currently 16:02
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