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Midget and Sprite Technical
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Thread Heading Started by Messages Last Updated Time
Wiring LoomGuyW7018 August 201722:51
Peter Burgess tuningJ.N. Williams1218 August 201717:58
Ignition failuref pollock3218 August 201714:27
New CameraNick and Cherry Scoop1518 August 201714:08
Wiring an SocketsRay Rowsell618 August 201707:27
rear suspension noisemark heyworth2017 August 201723:27
TurbosMalcolm Le Chevalier1817 August 201720:16
Curious heater issueJames303317 August 201718:48
One off oil burn (valves?)Graeme Williams4017 August 201718:19
Metallurgy - Broken HalfshaftDave O'Neill 2817 August 201701:30
Wheel bearings - a beginners questionGuyW4215 August 201720:35
Oil pressure drops with high RPM. Need help. J Shears6915 August 201718:19
Cooper Air FiltersNick and Cherry Scoop1014 August 201723:09
Gearbox playJames Paul314 August 201719:04
starter motor questionDavid Cox2512 August 201717:01
Fuel Pipe SourcesNick and Cherry Scoop412 August 201716:31
Torque ParanoiaNick and Cherry Scoop2312 August 201701:57
Caster angle and Damper position on Heritage shellMG Moneypit1011 August 201717:24
Heater hose question for D PlumbJohn Payne1809 August 201721:53
Spin-on Oil Filter ConversionsNick and Cherry Scoop5309 August 201716:25
Smoothcase Gearbox NumbersNick and Cherry Scoop2309 August 201713:26
Brake decisionsGuyW4108 August 201712:34
Time for ney tyresmark heyworth2907 August 201723:49
Dash Panel ControlsJ Bond1207 August 201722:51
Frogeye rear springsGuyW2707 August 201713:19
H1 Carburettor QueryNick and Cherry Scoop306 August 201715:00
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